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Bhaktivedanta National School (BVNS) was formed in 2003, with the primary aim of providing comprehensive education to the community children of Mayapur. Mayapur is located in the Nadia District, which is historically a place known for imparting education, and attracting learned scholars from all around India, as well as for learning debates and exchange of knowledge of various kinds. However, over the years, it’s becoming quite rare to find educational institutions, which provide an all-around opportunity for learning. BVNS wanted to fill this gap and was formed for this purpose. 

About the School 

BVNS is an English Medium School that houses 800 students from Kindergarten through Class XII affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. The school made a humble beginning in 2003 with 22 students and two classrooms. The school has grown from strength to strength over the last 21 years with the able support of like-minded individuals whose main aims are to facilitate opportunities for learning for the children of this community, those who are otherwise deprived of education.

Helping the Poor and needy

BVNS identifies the poor and needy and arranges scholarships and sponsorship of education, books, uniforms, etc. BVNS goes out of its way to find donors to help these poor and needy children either in full or in part. Over the last many years, at least 130-150 such children have been provided with financial support to enable their education.


BVNS is a premier educational institution in the Nadia region that offers quality education in an atmosphere conducive for the students to learn the essential principles and values of life.


·To give primary and secondary education, to produce students with balanced spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth with an emphasis on character building; 

·To function on par with the best English Medium Public Schools in the region; 

·To offer all our educational services at an affordable fee; 

·To impart competencies in their chosen profession through special vocational training according to their inclination.

Aims and Objectives 

The school aims are to impart quality education through a comprehensive, structured curriculum using innovative, classroom management techniques and cater to the holistic in and around the development of students, through co-curricular activities that weave values and tradition into them. 

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