Mahalaya Pitri Seva 2023

🌟 On the auspicious day of ✨💫🌺Mahalaya Pitri seva, we are happy to inform everyone who showed tremendous interest during the Pitru Paksha period and offered some seva on behalf of their ancestors and forefathers. 🪷🌟🙏🏼We are deeply thankful for performing some seva towards the welfare of our ✨🪔forefathers, and we truly appreciate all those who gave some donations 💰🥙🌠to take care of Sri Radha Madhava 🐄🌸🥙cows and bulls during this period and for all the 🍲🥗🍛prasadam distribution sevas. Our hearts are filled with gratitude.

We prayed at the Lotus feet of Their Lordship for the welfare of our ancestors. At the same time, we offered prayers to Lord Narasimhadev on your behalf and the family for a good devotional life, good health, and protection. 🌸🐮🙌💖🌞

Mayapur Donor Service Team

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