Ranga Devi & Sudevi Appearance Sep 2023

T oday is the appearance day of Ranga Devi and Sudevi.

Although all dressed in bright yellow outfits, each Sakhi bore a unique design and pattern that is quite different from one another! Oh, and the transcendental Sakhis! Hey! Govinda! look like full moons embedded in golden robes.

Not to speak of the lavishly decorated altar, the Vrindavan vibes it exudes with monkeys and parrots… And Radha Madhava, how beautiful they look in the vibrant yellow attire; they exude divine elegance and grace.

Each gopi has been uniquely adorned and intricately decorated to detail, not just with jewellery or flowers but with love and devotion that bring their celestial forms to life, radiating a sense of balance and harmony. Their vibrant colours and dignified postures enhance the spiritual aura in the temple room. In the corner of the altar, a mischievous monkey sits perched on a branch, holding a leaf as if engaged in playful mischief. The atmosphere in the temple is vibrant and reverential, with incense wafting through the air and fragrant flowers adorning the surroundings. It was indeed a scene to behold.

Ah, not to forget the smiling, calm faces you could see everyone wearing; the children are so happy and running around with their tiny, soft feet.

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