Let’s Roll In The Dust Of Mercy In The Land Of Gaura!

N avadvip Mandala Parikrama Adhivas 2024!

“Wandering in Navadvipa is the best of all opulence, the best of all religious principles, the best of all kinds of worship, the best of all perfections, the best of all glories, and the best of all oceans of sweetness.”

Sri Navadwipa Dham, crafted by Srimati Radharani as her divine offering to Krishna, and it became the abode of all holy places upon Lord Krishna’s request. Navadwipa Dham, synonymous with Vrindavan, stands as the merciful land, Audharya Dham, where one can easily receive the mercy to awaken dormant love for Krishna. During the Navadwipa Parikrama, devotees not only witness the pastime locations of Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda but also explore holy sites linked to Lord Krishna and His various incarnations. Numerous Acaryas have engaged in diverse pastimes and activities within this sacred abode.

Annually, around ten thousand devotees from across the globe partake in this parikrama, basking in the causeless mercy of the acharyas, Lord Nityananda, Lord Gaurasundara, and Sri Navadwipa Dham. Pilgrims seize the opportunity to visit pastime sites, hear enchanting stories from advanced devotees, engage in ecstatic kirtan and dance, form connections with fellow devotees worldwide, and relish delectable prasadam. Different acharyas throughout the ages have left their unique imprints on the dham.

The 2024 Navadwipa Mandala Parikrama holds special significance, marking the 52nd anniversary of the parikrama and the 34th anniversary of its more formal observance. Notably, a seventh party has been added this year, representing South India—comprising Tamil, Telugu, Malayali, and Kannada speakers. This joins the existing International, Russian, Hindi, and three Bengali parties, two of which hail from India and one from Bangladesh. Your support is sought in preparing for the celebration of the 34th anniversary of the formal parikrama this year and the inauguration of the Temple of Vedic Planetarium.

Anticipating your gracious presence during the parikrama.

Your humble servant,

Jayapataka Swami

Navadvip Parikrama formally begins tomorrow the 12th of March and will go on till the 18th of March, during these periods, we shall be providing prasadam seva to all the devotees attending, hence it is a great opportunity for devotees all over the world to tap into this mercy by serving the devotees participating in this auspicious parikrama.

There are still available slots for Prasadam Seva for Navadvip Mandala Parikrama:

12 Mar Available Available Available
13 Mar Available Available Available
14 Mar Available  Available Available
15 Mar Available Available Available
16 Mar Available Available Available
17 Mar Available Available Available
18 Mar Available Available Available

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