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Madhava In His Sparkling Bluish Form!!!

Our dear Madhava is blue today being the seventh day of Chandan yatra!

Hare Krishna! On this beautiful seventh day of Chandan Yatra, we experienced a moment of divine awe that we eagerly wish to share with you.

As the Chandan Yatra festival unfolds, each day brings its own unique touch of devotion and grandeur, dedicated to the meticulous decoration of our beloved deities. During such festivals, the routine are gently adjusted, allowing for an extra hour of loving preparation. Unlike usual days, the curtains of the deity room were drawn back at 8 am, immediately following the Bhagavatam class.

One of the most enchanting aspects of Chandan Yatra, as shared by many devotees through their personal reflections, is the element of divine surprise in the deities’ appearance. Unless one is directly involved in the adornment process, the final reveal is always a breathtaking moment of awe and reverence. The sheer anticipation of what lies behind the curtains builds a profound atmosphere among all—devotees, guests, and well-wishers alike. It’s a heart-stirring scene, witnessing whose heart is melting, already melted, or completely stolen by the mesmerizing sight of the deities.

Today was exceptionally moving. As the curtains parted, revealing Sri Radha Madhava, a collective gasp filled the air. There He stood, in His sparkling bluish form, reminiscent of His divine play in the sacred groves of Vrindavan. For devotees accustomed to His magnificent dark-cloud-like appearance, today’s vision was a rare and delightful treat.

In this moment of divine beauty, I find myself reflecting on the glory of Lord Vishnu:

“I bow to Lord Vishnu, the One Master of the Universe, who is ever peaceful, reclining on the great serpent bed. From His navel springs the Lotus of the Creative Power. He is the Supreme Being, supporting the entire universe, all-pervading as the sky, dark like the clouds with a beautiful form; the Lord of Lakshmi, the lotus-eyed One, whom the yogis are able to perceive through meditation. He, who is the destroyer of the fear of Samsar.”

Jai Sri Radha Madhava Ki Jai!!!

We hope this narrative brings you closer to the divine festivities of Chandan Yatra here in Mayapur. May the descriptions of our Lord in His varied, enchanting forms inspire you to deepen your connection with Him. We invite you to join us in person or through your thoughts and prayers as we continue to celebrate these sacred days.

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