Community Sevaks

Welcome to the Radha Madhava Community!

The Radha Madhava Community is a colorful community with ISKCON residents coming from many different parts of the world and India. Our residents accept His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada as their ultimate authority and guide on all matters, and live by the philosophical and behavioral guidelines set by him. Devotees who would like to become a member of the Radha Madhava community are required to apply for residency at the MCS office upstairs in the Community Hall. To serve our residents effectively, the Mayapur Community Sevaks (MCS) has been established.

MCS Residency application:

You may click here to download the forms: Application Procedures & Forms
Please contact the MCS Office at for submittal of forms and for more information.


Mandate of the Mayapur Community Sevaks

The Mayapur Community Sevaks are the Grhastha Council of Sridham Mayapur, working under the guidance of the Mayapur Administrative Council (MAC) and the direction of the Co-directors, as outlined in the Mandate of the Mayapur Community Sevaks.

Vision Statement

The community of devotees serving in Sri Dham Mayapur live in harmony and Krishna consciousness and serve Sri Sri Radha Madhava peacefully according to the spiritual and moral standards set by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Mission Statement

The Mayapur Community Sevaks will work to create harmony within ISKCON’s grhastha community in Sridhama Mayapur by handling all matters related to grhasthas and single women, making rules for devotees staying in the Radha Madhava Community and regulate and keep track of devotees coming new to the Community.


The Mayapur Community Sevaks will:

  1. See to it that Srila Prabhupada’s spiritual and moral standards are met by the grhastha community members.
  2. Coordinate with other ISKCON Mayapur management bodies and authorities on how more devotees from the community can do service in the temple, and gradually look into how more grihasthas can become financially self-sufficient.
  3. Act as an authority for the resident grhastha devotees and the citizens of the Radha Madhava Community and will look into their needs.
  4. Act as an advisory board and counseling body for the citizens of the Radha-Madhava Community in Sri Mayapur Dham.
  5. Help open communication between national and international members of the Radha-Madhava Community and the Mayapur management.
  6. Help manage and develop the Community.
  7. Communicate to the grhasthas on the rules to abide by in Sri Mayapur and facilitate the entrance of new grhasthas to ISKCON Mayapur.
  8. Attempt to settle the minor grhastha ashram related problems of devotees who live in our Radha-Madhava Community.
  9. Ensure that the by-laws of the MAC are being implemented and followed by the Radha-Madhava Community with the support of the MAC.
  10. Suggest to the MAC new by-laws or amendments to existing by-laws that relate to the members of the Radha-Madhava Community.

For more information, contact MCS office at