College Outreach

ISKCON Youth Forum was started in June 2006 in order to spread Krishna consciousness to college and university students in West Bengal.

Currently the Youth Forum has been established in Durgapur, 100 kilometers away from Mayapur, with seven devotees involved with the preaching. This town has several colleges. A festival, Utsaha Festival, was attended by about 150 college students. A similar festival conducted in Mayapur drew 550 students.

The preaching strategy adopted is, apart from conducting weekly programs at the preaching center, to conduct a 2 hour program at a college campuses, then conduct follow-up seminars to cultivate those students who have expressed an interest in exploring Krishna consciousenss, and then establish student congregational groups with ashram-like facilities (“Vaishnava youth centers”) to systematically guide them in practicing and preaching Krishna consciousness.

Though it is a challenge to procure permission from the colleges and universities to set up any kind of Krishna conscious propaganda, the preachers at Durgapur are working towards the following goals: to organize at least 8 programs in 4 colleges, to have at least 8 follow-up seminars this year, and eventually to have 50 college students chant a minimum of 16 rounds and follow the 4 regulative principles and set up 9 Vaishnava youth centres in Durgapur.


Head: Sankarshan Nitai Das
Phone: +91-3472-245041 , +91-9333-222010
Office: Room No 212, Chakra Building