Mayapur Local Preaching

Mayapur Local Preaching (MLP) is an initiative of ISKCON Mayapur to preach the teachings of Caitanya Mahaprabhu to the local people in and around Nadia Dist. Specifically MLP is focused on covering places like Krishnanagar, Dhubulia, Nabadwipa town, to the places in Navadvip Mandala Area. For this purpose, under the authority of HG Sankarashan Nitai Prabhu, Mayapur Local Preaching Department is established since 21st June 2012.

Five full time Brahmacari devotees and partly four Grihasta devotees helping in the preaching programs. The following preaching activities/programs are conducted through this department:

Bhakti Vriksha Program (once in a week for each group) Gita Seminar (six days programs) Jivan Jignasa (one day program) House Program Spiritual Tours Nagar Sankirtan

Mayapur Local Preaching Department is on facebook. Do follow us –at for update on our activities, photos of our preaching trips etc.

We need more help of the devotees to hold those programs more brilliantly. You are welcome to share with us any ideas or if you wish to donate for this preaching seva, please write to

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Mayapur Local Preaching
Chakra Bhavan, Room NO. 120
Sree Mayapur, Nadia 74133, West Bengal