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Mahalaya Amvasya Seva Opportunity – Sept. 25th 2022


Hare Krishna, 🙏Please accept our respectful obisances. 🙏All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! 🙏All Glories to Sri Mayapur Dham! We convey our warm thank 🙏🙏 you for participating in this year Pitru Paksha Seva for the well being of your ancestors, deceased loved ones and for the family. For all those that registeredthrough the form and all those […]

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Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2022


Hare Kṛishna! Please Accept Our Humble Obeisances, All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! ISKCON Mayapur welcomes all you for a Festive Month! An all-auspicious Month and one you wouldn’t want to miss out! Festivals are the Summum Bonum of ISKCON. exude with colourful decorations, palatable feasts, elaborate rituals, kirtans, dance and dramas, the festivals make spiritual […]

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Akshaya Tritiya is coming!


Akshaya means complete, never ending and eternal or that which never deteriorates. Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated on the third day of the bright fortnight in the month of Vaishakha (vaisakha-sukla-paksa-tritiya). This day is considered to be most auspicious for starting a new venture. This day also yields unlimited spiritual credit for charitable activities that not […]

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Sri Madhvacharya Appearance Day


Lord Vishnu imparted the knowledge of reaching Him to four great personalities – Lakshmi Devi, Lord Shiva, Sri Brahma, and the four kumara. These four personalities imparted the knowledge to four great devotees who started the four Sampradayas. Lakshmi to Ramanujacharya – Sri Sampradaya, Shiva to Vishnuswami – Rudra Sampradaya, Brahma to Madhvacharya – Brahma […]

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Vamana Dwadasi festival


Today we had a very sweet festival in honor of Vamanadev’s appearance. Srila Prabhupada had told the devotees that to honor these festivals they could dress up, and worship, a small boy as the particular avatar, in this case Vamanadev. Here in Mayapur one of our gurukula boys acted as Vamanadev, and we performed foot washing, […]

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Indulekha Devi Appearance


Today is the divine appearance day of Indulekha Gopi. Indulekha is the sixth of the varistha gopis. She has a lemon-yellow (tan) complexion and wears garments the color of a pomegranate flower. She is three days younger than Srimati Radharani, being 14 years, 2 months and 10 1/2 days of age. Her parents are Sagara […]

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Visakha Sakhi Appearance Day


Radhastami was also the auspicious appearance of Srimati Visakha Sakhi. She was also decorated very nicely for this special occasion. Special darshan of Srimati Visakha Devi on Her appearance day is posted below along with Her glories. Visakha is the second most important of the eight varistha-gopis. Her attributes, activities and resolve are all much like […]

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Campakalata Devi Appearance


Srimati Champakalata eternally resides in Navadvipa Dhama in Champahatti. Champahatti is non-different from Khandiravan in Vrindavan. Here, Champakalata Devi pick Champa flowers and makes garlands for Radha and Madhava. Champakalata Devi’s Darshan on her Appearance day is posted below.   Campakalata is the third of the varistha-gopis. Her complexion is the color of a blossoming […]

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Radhastami 2016


Sri Radhashtami festival is coming up on 9th September. Srimati Radharani is the pleasure potency of Sri Krishna. One cannot ever attain Madhava without the mercy of Srimati Radharani. Srila Prabhupada says in His Radhashtami Lecture – “Krishna is difficult to approach directly, but He is bhakta-vatsala, always eager to please His devotees. Thus the […]

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Sri Balaram Jayanthi Celebrations!


Happy Balaram Jayanthi to all the viewers. Balaram Purnima is the auspicious appearance day of Sri Balaram who appeared as Laxmana younger brother of Rama in Treta yuga the elder brother of Sri Krishna in Dvapar yuga, and as most merciful Nityananda in the Kali yuga. In Mayapur this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. […]

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