PHP / Laravel Developer Needed


PHP / Laravel Developer – Are you an highly experienced, ambitious Fullstack developer looking for a challenging role where you can learn lots more? We are looking for a motivated PHP / Laravel developer to come join our agile team of professionals. If you are passionate about technology, constantly seeking to learn and improve […]

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Gaura Purnima 2020 Sponsorships


On the 17th of February devotees will arrive for Sravana Utsava & Kirtan Mela, followed by festival inauguration, various festivities, Navadwipa Mandala Parikrama, and the grand celebration of Gaura Purnima on the 9th of March. Click here for: GAURA PURNIMA FESTIVAL SCHEDULE Click on one of the below sponsorship categories for more information:      For […]

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Ganga Sagar Mela 2020 Invitation


On Makara Sankranti day, miilion of pilgrims visit the holy palce of Ganga Sagar, take Makara Sankranti Snana ( bath at Ganga Sagar) and worship mother Ganga. To facilitate the pilgrims, ISKCON organises a massive Prasada distribution and give in charity blankets etc. Recognized by West Bengal State government, ISKCON Ganga Sagar’s welfare work is […]

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Astakrosh Parikrama


We invite worldwide devotees to come & take part in the 3 days Asta Krosh Parikrama at Mayapur from 05 to 08  November 2019. A golden opportunity to spend at least few days in Kartik month at Mayapur dhama. “Then Lord used to wander around, with sankirtan, on evvery Ekadashi day.Sometimes, He used to go […]

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Ganga Swells filling low lands around Mayapur

Ganga Swells filling low lands 2

Towards the end of the rainy season during the months of August-September-October, the water levels of Ganga increases, filling up all the low lands around the banks. This swelling of the river is caused by excessive rain from up north and the release of large quantities of water from barrages. Due to the recently released […]

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Kartik Nabadwip Mandal Parikrama


Kartik Navadwip Mandal Parikrama organized by the Mayapur Chandras is a small and intimate gathering of devotees travelling to various holy places hearing and chanting about the glories of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Their associates. The transcendental Sankirtan Movement is an everlasting phenomenon; Mayapur Chandras is simply here to facilitate. Going on Kartik Nabadwip […]

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Sri Kshetra Parikrama 2019


WELCOME TO SRI KSHETRA PARIKRAMA PURI DHAMA 14-17TH NOVEMBER 2019 On behalf of ISKCON Mayapur, we would like to welcome you to celebrate our 15th anniversary of Sri Kshetra Parikrama. This parikrama dates back to the time of Vidyapati, who was one of Lord Jagannatha’s most intimate worshippers, serving under the great King Indradyumna. Following […]

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Lalita Sakhi- The Guru of Gopis!


Just prior to the annual Gaura Purnima festival of 1986, Srimati Lalita devi, along with three other principle sakhis, was installed in the Sri Mayapur Candrodaya Mandir and joined Sri Sri Radha Madhava on the altar. She stands directly next to Sri Madhava on His right. Srimati Lalita devi is the foremost among the eight […]

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“Krishna Naam Sudha”- Festival of Holy Name


Recently, Mayapur Bhakti Vriksha organised the festival of glorifying Holy Name, 2019 -Krishna Naam Sudha, in the city of Krishnanagar, Nadia, West Bengal India. To glorify & preach the yuga dharma- chanting of holy name, Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra was made the prime focus and the crowd of Krishnangar area participated whole heartedly in this great […]

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Gaura Purnima Festival Day5: March08,2019


Last day of Kirtan Mela… Now, it is the time for Navadvip Manda Parikrama! Shravan, Kirtan and now Pada Sevanam…. walking in the dust of Navadvipa dhama, following the footsteps of Sri Nityananda Prabhu who took Jiva Goswami on first Navadvip Mandal Parikrama, in the association of devotees. Devotees walked to Yogapith- the birthplace of […]

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