Гаура Пурнима 2017 — Пожертвования

17 февраля преданные прибудут для участия в Шравана-утсава и киртан-меле, после которых последуют торжественное открытие фестиваля, различные празднества, Навадвипа-мандала парикрама и 12 марта — пышное празднование Гаура Пурнимы.

Расписание фестиваля Гаура-Пурнима здесь

Вы можете сделать пожертвования на следующие мероприятия:

Gaura Purnima - Sponsor an Offering or Pooja

You can offer either conch or kalash for Lord Gauranga's abhisheka, you may also offer a lamp, or shoes for Sri Gauranga's pleasure. You can take the item as prasada and some gifts will be sent to you.

Personal Offerings:

Sponsor a Lamp

There will be an offering of lamps to Lord Gauranga on the auspicious occasion of His Appearance Day Anniversary. You can make an offering of a brass or silver lamp.


Sponsor a Conch or Kalash

You can sponsor a conch (Lakshmi Sankha) or Kalash for bathing the Lord at His Abhishek. The Kalash may be either copper, or silver.


Offer a Pair of Shoes

You can sponsor a pair of silver or golden shoes to Lord Gauranga, on his appearance.

Special poojas / sevas on Gaura Purnima day:

Special Pooja

You can offer Tulasi archana and pooja to Sri Pancatattva at Mayapur. Please send your name, any special prayers to be offered and gotra (use Additional Information box below). We shall offer the pooja and send you the prasada.


Feeding the cows / Sponsor Go pooja

There will be a special Go pooja and feeding of the cows in Goshala on Gaura Purnima day. Serve the Lord by serving His dearest Cows!



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