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Nagar Sankirtan


Dear Friends,Yatra leaders and well Wishers,

Nagar-sankirtana Mayapur is glad to announce this grate opportunity of Service for all your Yatra members. As you may know we had been performing in daily basis Food For Life and Harinam Sankirtan in Mayapur Dhama. Trying to reach to every village in Navadwipa dhama to offer some dhama seva for the Dhamavasis.

We would love to offer you this grate opportunity to do service for the Dham with us.

  1. We offer Birthday FFL and Harinam 
  2. Anniversaries FFL and Harinama 
  3. New Baby born FFL and Harinama 
  4. Departure souls FFL and Harinam

And many other opportunities for you to help the Dhamvasis and do Dhama Seva

Everyday we visit different islands and in each place we try to share the Glories of the holy name as well as Krishna Prasadam. Our daily schedule is:

Daily from 3pm to 6pm

  • Monday - Sri Srivasa Angana
  • Tuesday - Godrumadvipa
  • Wednesday - Yoga-pitha
  • Thursday - Food For Life by boat 
  • Friday - Murari Gupta's House 
  • Saturday - Food For Life on the street
  • Sunday - ISKCON Campus 


There are many ways you can serve and Celebrate your loves ones with Seva in Mayapur

  • For one day FFL Harinam Sankirtan program in one of the 9 islands, distributing 150 plates of prasadam you can Donate $100 US Dollars
  • For one week Seva, in the name of your love ones $600 US Dollars
  • For one Month Seva in the Holy Dham for your loves ones $1500 Dollars
  • For One year non stop harinam Sankirtan and FFL in the 9 Island of Navadwipa Dhama you can donate $7500 US Dollars

For pictures please visit our Facebook: Nagar-Sankirtana Mayapur Dham

May Lord Sri Krishna Bless You And Award You Eternal Shelter At His Lotus Feet, And Give You Pure Devotional Service.

Hope This Meets You In The Best Of Health.

Your Servants, 

Nagar Sankirtana Department

Kusha Das +918370948689

Gauranga Simha Das +919932866739

You can send your donation by Bank Transfer to:

*All Donations under General Donation, Food for Life & Life Membership only and paid within India are Tax Exempted under 80/G Section of Income Tax Department, Govt. of India. For any queries or information, please write to us: donorservices@mayapur.com   

Contact Donation Helpline no. :+91-9733578071 Contact Person: Gopijana Vallabha dasa


Or pay by credit card online here:

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