Ekachakra Dham Project

Ekachakra Donation

Sri Nitai will be offered a beautiful temple and guesthouse in Ekacakra, where He so unlimitedly mercifully appeared in order to assist Lord Caitanya in His saving of all of us fallen souls in Kali-yuga! The importance of this project is immense as it opens the doors of Ekacakra Dhama, not only for devotees worldwide, but also for coming generations of awakening souls! The new temple is planned for about 6800 square feet area.

A Rare Opportunity:

This gives us a perfect chance to serve Lord Nityananda Prabhu - the original spiritual master! It is by His mercy that we can obtain love of Krishna - there is no other way. Without His causeless mercy one can not enter into the loving affairs of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna.

A Personal Invitation for You!

You can take part in this historical project - We only need donations for the dome to be constructed, please help finish this project so that we may offer it to Lord Nityananda.

In India every month construction material price is increasing and further delay in construction will increase the budget for this project. With in the period of last one year construction material cost in India has increased by 60%.

We humbly request all devotees around the world to come forward to help the temple in this crucial time. Each donor will receive special share certificate for the share of devotional service they will do for this Ekacakra temple construction.

You can send your donation by Bank Transfer to:

* All Donations under General Donation, Food for Life & Life Membership only and paid within India are Tax Exempted under 80/G Section of the Income Tax Department, Govt. of India. For any queries or information, please write to donorservices@mayapur.com  

Or pay by credit card online here:

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