Go Seva – Our Cows

ISKCON Chandrodaya Mandir, Mayapur has a vast Goshala accommodating about 300 cows and bulls. There are about 50 cows, 70 grazing calves, 100 bulls, 30 old cows and 35 new born calves. The Goshala is well established with a veterinary doctor, a team of medical helpers, a team of cow lovers, cleaners and cowherd men who take the calves and bulls for grazing. The cows are provided grass, hay and fodder three times a day.





Milking Cows: There are 35 milking cows. Their milk goes for the service of Sri Sri Radha Madhava, Panchatattva, Lord Narasimha dev, Samadhi temple and for the devotees in Mayapur. They have nice spiritual names like Barsana, Anjali, Aadhira, Bhanumati, Yasoda, Rohini, Kamadhenu, Surabhi etc.






Non-milking cows: These cows have either not given birth to a calf yet or their calf is quite big. They are sent out to an open area during the milking time and the rest of the time they are together with other milking cows. They are about 15 in number.

Old cows: Old cows stay in a separate area. They are being fed nicely but their floor needs to be more nicely leveled, and made more comfortable. These cows are very loving and if anybody goes and caresses them, they feel very joyful and start licking the person. They also lick each other and exchange love among themselves.




Newborns: The newborns are the charm of the Goshala. They are very active and they love to jump and play. During the early morning hours like around 5:00 am to 6:00 am, the calves are inside their pen. Then their mothers are milked and the calves are sent to an open area along with their mother cows. During this time, the calves jump, run, and play very joyfully. This again occurs in the evening when the calves are left alone in the open area. They play till 5:00 pm and later they again get back into their pen for resting. This is the best time to caress them as they all sit together to rest and they love to be cuddled, patted and put to sleep. Below are some of the newly born calves in our Goshala with their images.

Here are just a few of our calves:


She is 3 months old daughter of Jambavati. She is Jambavati’s 3rd child. She has a light brown colour with a bright white tilak on her forehead. She has a very shy nature.

Guru charan

He is three and a half months old. His body is a mix of brown and black. He has very beautiful eyes. He easily mingles with people and loves to play with them.


She is about 1 month old. She is milk white with a white dot on her forehead. She feels scared of others and never mingles with other calves or humans.


He is son of Ramakeli. He has big beautiful black eyes and milk white body. He has a brown line around his mouth. He is very naughty and runs around the goshala. He comes out of his mother’s pen and goes to other pens for watching other cows. He tries to eat anything like mud, grass, hay, Kadamba fruits and dry leaves.


He is the son of Rambha. Both Vrsabhanu and Jagadish are very similar and not easy to differentiate.Calves Vrshabhanu, Ganesh and Jagadish keep watching the calves and cows that walk to the grazing fields since their pen lies on the way of grazing fields.


This 15 days old calf is the 2nd son of Jagannath priya. Like his mother, his face is partially white while the rest of his body is brown. He stays along with Vrshabhanu and Jagadish in the same pen and he loves playing with them.


He is 15 days old and 3rd child of Barsana. Barsana is very possessive of her son and always keeps him beside her. He fights with Ganesh. It is very funny to see them fight and play.


Grazing calves: They go every day to the grazing fields. There are about 4 grazing fields and the calves and the bulls go there in rotation. Some of the young calves are quite naughty.



There are around 100 bulls who go every day for grazing. These bulls are about 5 to 6 years old and have huge horns and strong body. There are about 8 bulls that are presently being used for pulling carts.


Bhima- one of our bulls