New Year Shubharambha

New Year in Sri Mayapur

ISKCON Mayapur presents New Year Shubharambha – Auspicious Beginning…

In order to invoke auspiciousness to begin the year 2021 & leaving behind a difficult year 2020 ISKCON Sri Dham Mayapur invites world wide devotees to take part in our  special  New Year’s Shubharambha program, which includes:

•    Special Narasimha Puja
•    Narasimha Homa
•    Feeding the cows
•    Vaishnava Seva
•    Ganga Puja
•    Kirtan

You can all participate in this auspicious beginning by donating only Rs.2000 by which you & your family will receive the immense good fortune of welcoming New Year with blessings from the holy abode of Lord Gauranga. Your & your family member’s names will be included in this prayer & services. 

Donation by Bank Transfer:

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