Special Pujas

Online Puja - Special Pujas

Dhamvasi Prasada Seva - Rs.6,001

Sponsor two pots of Kichuri prasada to feed 200 people, which will be served by the Mayapur Harinam party to the surrounding villagers, accompanied by the chanting of Harinama. You will receive a Harinama Sankirtana DVD, deity photographs and charan Tulasi prasada​.

Go Seva - Feeding the cows - Rs.2,001

Lord Krsna's cows will be fed with bananas and jaggery (Gur). You will receive a Gomata photograph, goshala products and Tulasi prasada​.

Ganga Puja - Rs.1,008

Serve the holy Ganga river by sponsoring arati and pushpanjali along with offering of lamps. You will receive a photo of Ganga mata, and charan tulasi prasada​.

** Cost of Puja / seva includes the temple's fees, cost of Puja articles if any, Prasadam mailing cost & our service charges. Please note that we recommend that the prasada be sent to Indian Postal address, as there is risk of losing the prasada or delay in receiving the prasada if sent to International address.

You can send your donation by Bank Transfer to:

* All Donations under General Donation, Food for Life & Life Membership only and paid within India are Tax Exempted under 80/G Section of the Income Tax Department, Govt. of India. For any queries or information, please write to us: donorservices@mayapur.com   

Contact Donation Helpline no. :+91-9733578071 Contact Person: Gopijana Vallabha dasa

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