Purusottama Masa Sevas

Purusottama Masa Sevas

When the full moon occurs twice in a month, i.e. in less than 29 solar days, then the month is divided into two, and a leap month is added. This leap month is known as Adika mas or Purusottama month and occurs every 3 years. It is very dear to Lord Krishna and it is a very good time to engage in full devotional service. This year, we have Purusottama Month starting on the 18th of July. and ending on 16th August.

Residing in Dhama during Purusottama month and offering worship brings unlimited spiritual credits. Though it is a cherished desire for devotees worldwide to spend one whole month in Mayapur or Vrindavan, it is not always possible. To facilitate your worship, Mayapur Online Services has set up special Purusottama month poojas that you can offer to Sri Radha Madhav from anywhere in the world. You can also render seva to Lord Nrsimhadeva, cows, pilgrims, and Mother Ganges.

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