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Gaura Purnima Sponsorships

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On the 2nd of March devotees will arrive for Sravana Utsava & Kirtan Mela, followed by festival inauguration, various festivities, Navadwipa Mandala Parikrama, and the grand celebration of Gaura Purnima on the 25th of March. Click here for: GAURA PURNIMA FESTIVAL SCHEDULE Click on one of the below sponsorship categories for more information:      For […]

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Mayapur – My Place of Worship


All of the devas, ṛṣis, and tīrthas congregate in Śrīdhāma Māyāpur to worship the Supreme Lord, for in Śrīdhāma Māyāpur – the center of the universe – Rādhā and Kṛṣṇa eternally reside and bestow Their benediction and mercy to those who worship Them there. Is it any wonder, then, that Śrīla Prabhupāda stated that Māyāpur, […]

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Daily Darshan

Daily Darshan: Jan 05,2018

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Daily Darshan

Daily Darshan: October 29,2017

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Daily Darshan

Daily Darshan: October 28,2017

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Daily Darshan

Daily Darshan: October24,2017

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Picnic-2015 (Champahati)


Hare Krishna, Dear devotees, once again Mayapur Bhakti Vriksha (MBV) exploring a very enlivening news for you all that by the 20th December, 2015(Sunday) the annual picnic of MBV held with great joy at champahati (Ritudwip) ‘Gour Gadadhara’ Temple. More than 400 fortunate devotees participated in this festival, who had good fortune to see the […]

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Gita Jayanti Celebrated In Mayapur


Gita Jayanti is the birthday of Bhagavad Gita. It is believed the “Bhagavad Gita” was revealed to Arjuna by Sri Krsna Himself in the battlefield of Kurukshetra just before the start of the Kurushektra war. Gita Jayanti is celebrated worldwide by all devotees of Lord Krsna. It is generally observed by congregational recitation of all 700 verses of the Gita chanted throughout […]

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“Krsna’s devotee are full of talent!” An Art Exhibition by Sri Mayapur International School students


A group Art exhibition show of Advanced Level students from Sri Mayapur International School was organized and presented last week in Isodya Bhavan. The school principal and the art teacher had the idea for a while but sure enough the students, with their enthusiasm and vitality, played a major role in the whole organizational aspect […]

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Odana Sashti Festival In Rajapur


Being in Mayapur and very close to Rajapur, home of Lord Jaganath, Baladeva and Subadhra, we all jumped in a car and went to take part of the festivities that were organized for the very sweet pastime of Odana sashti. This yearly Rajapur festival is a rare opportunity for the devotees to all sit in […]

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