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Campakalata Devi Appearance


Srimati Champakalata eternally resides in Navadvipa Dhama in Champahatti. Champahatti is non-different from Khandiravan in Vrindavan. Here, Champakalata Devi pick Champa flowers and makes garlands for Radha and Madhava. Champakalata Devi’s Darshan on her Appearance day is posted below.   Campakalata is the third of the varistha-gopis. Her complexion is the color of a blossoming […]

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Lalita Sasti


Today is  Lalita Sasti, the appearance day of Lalita Devi. In Mayapur, this festival is celebrated with glorification of Lalita Devi, offering lamps to Lailita Devi. There is also special decoration for Radha Madhava and asta sakhis and especially for Lalita Devi. Lalita Devi looked very beautiful with a flower hallow behind her, and is […]

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