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Lecture by HG Mahatma Pr on SB 6.3.32

HG Mahatma Pr

On 6th February, morning Temple lecture was given by HG Mahatma Pr on SB 6.3.32 . Below is the transcript of the lecture. When I was reading this purport, one thing stood out in my mind. It’s the first point Prabhupada makes. Prabhupada says if one chants offensively then one should remedy that by chanting continuously. There’s […]

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Varaha Dvadasi in Mayapur


Please view the following galleries: Varaha Dvadasi Abhishek The Mayapur residents recently celebrated Varaha Dvadasi in a humble and sweet way. Everyone gathered for an abhishek, followed by pushpanjali and arati. Below is a lecture given by Srila Prabhupada on Varaha Dvadasi Prabhupāda: Today, Varāha-dvādaśī, appearance of Kṛṣṇa’s taking the incarnation of Varāha, boar… Keśava […]

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