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Lecture by HH Bhakti Marga Swami on S.B. 6.4.27-28

bhakti marg swami

On February 27, 2015 morning lecture was given by HH Bhakti Marga Swami on S.B. 6.4.27-28. Below is the transcript of the lecture. These two verses together reveal much about Krishna Consciousness. One thing in particular that resonates with me is that Krishna Consciousness is natural. It’s in there. The example is given that where you […]

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GBC Strategic Planning Network (SPN) Update


GBC Strategic Planning Network (SPN) Mayapur 2015: Part 5 of 5 Badrinarayan Swami, whom we introduced in previous posts, speaks on the exciting deliverables coming out of the strategic planning work, the latest being the leadership training college, a legacy for ISKCON’s future. https://gbc.iskcon.org/2015/02/04/spiritual-inspiration-and-strategic-planning/   Praghosa Prabhu, a GBC member for the UK, Ireland, and parts of Northern Europe, […]

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Aug 5th 2012 – H.G. Praghosa prabhu live on Mayapur.TV

ABOUT THE SPEAKER His Grace Praghosa prabhu took initiation from Satsvarupa das Goswami in the early 1980’s. He is currently one of Mayapur’s GBC’s and also GBC for UK, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland. He lives in Dublin where he manages 3 successful Govinda’s Restaurants. He is also the force behind the well appreciated dandavats.com devotee […]

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