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Srila Prabhupada’s Victory Flag!


In 1968, Gordon John Erdman was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in Montreal, Canada, and given the name Jayapataka dasa. The name Jayapataka is translated as “victory flag,” and has proved to be truly befitting of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaja, who has ceaselessly championed the cause of Srila Prabhupada and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu undeterred by […]

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Jhulan Yatra 2017 begins: Day 1 photo gallery


Jhulan Yatra is one of most spectacular festival celebrated in Mayapur for the pleasure of Sri Radha-Madhava and Vaishnavas. Starting from  the Ekadasi day, the festival continues for 5 days till Balaram Purnima. Presence of HH Jayapataka Swami for festivals in Mayapur is always special for Mayapur devotees and we are very fortunate to have Maharaj […]

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Tribal Care Intiative Convention 2017 begins at Mayapur!


Tribal people from the states of Assam, Tripura and north eastern states of India have arrived at Mayapur to take part in the Annual Tribal Care Convention 2017, from 9th April to 11th April. The theme of the convention is “Go, Ganga and Gita”. A colorful inaugural function with tribal dance and recitation of Bhagavad Gita […]

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Sravan Utsav Schedule


Sravan Utsava-  Festival of Hearing has been one of the highlights of the Mayapur Gaura Purnima festival. Sravan Utsava dates for 2017 Gaura Purnima festival will be 18 Feb to 21 Feb. After Sravan Utsava, Kirtan Mela will be held from 23 Feb to 27 Feb. To make your dham visit a success, it is […]

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Mayapur Gears Up for Marathon 2015


As 2015 is the 50th year of HDG Srila Prabhupada’s entry into western land, ISKCON Mayapur is making all the arrangements to make 2015 book distribution marathon a mega event. So, it was announced that this year marathon will be celebrated from 1st October, 2015 to 31st January, 2016 for a period of four months […]

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Sri Ksetra Puri Parikrama 2015


Sriksetra Parikrama Team invites devotees from around the world to perform the most auspicious Sri Ksetra Parikrama 2105. This year the parikrama day falls on 30th November. On this day, devotees will circumambulate the entire Sri Ksetra dhama, a distance of around 21 Km. This parikrama has been performed since the time Vidyapati visited Sri […]

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Prayers for HH Jayapataka Swami

Srila Acaryapada

Dear Devotees around the world,   Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.   As you may know HH Jayapataka Maharaja’s health is not so good, indeed we have to unfortunately inform you that he is currently in a critical situation. He is in the ICU of the ILBS hospital in New […]

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ISKCON Nepal relief message by HH Jayapataka Swami

ISKCON nepal relief

I along with other TOVP Exhibit members were in the Lotus Building attending TOVP exhibits conference on April 25th at 1.00 pm in Sridham Mayapur when the building began to shake. We quickly left our conference room and moved to Prabhupada’s park. While we were there, I was informed that a massive earth quake had […]

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2nd Tribal convention held in Mayapur


  26th of March 2015, saw the inauguration of ISKCON Mayapur’s second annual tribal convention called, ‘The festival of Gau, Ganga, Gita’. This three day convention hosted 600 members from 10 different tribal groups belonging to six Indian states.  Some of the tribes that participated were Chakma (Tripura), Chenchus(Orissa), Khasis (Assam), Kuki (Manipur), Mikirs (Assam), […]

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Sri Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama 2015 Retrospective

DSC00281 (Copy)

  Hare Krsna! In this post, we look back at this year’s Navadvipa Mandal parikrama. Today, In ISKCON we have so many activities and engagements to choose from. But which one can give us the full results and mercy that we require? Those engagements which are directly emphasized or requested by the acharyas. Such engagements […]

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