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Odana Sashti Festival In Rajapur


Being in Mayapur and very close to Rajapur, home of Lord Jaganath, Baladeva and Subadhra, we all jumped in a car and went to take part of the festivities that were organized for the very sweet pastime of Odana sashti. This yearly Rajapur festival is a rare opportunity for the devotees to all sit in […]

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Jagannath Chandan Yatra and Boat Festival

Rajadhiraja - King of the Kings

8 May, 2015 Chandan yatra festivities have been going on at ISKCON Jagannath Temple in Rajapur since 21st April. Sandal wood paste is being applied daily to Their Lordships Jagannath Baladev and Subhadra devi to keep Them cool. Also, each day there have been new vesas for Lord reminding us of His different pastimes. In […]

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Odana Sashti


Please view the following galleries: Daily Darshan Odana Sashti Festivites Odana Sashti is a festival that marks the beginning of winter. During the Odana-sasthi festival the devotees dress Lord Jagannatha and Balarama with starched cloth. This ceremony indicates that from that day forward, a winter covering should be given to the Lord. That covering is directly […]

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Pulling the Lords chariots


Please view the following galleries: Gundica Marjanam Ratha Yatra Gallery At the Rajapur’s Sri Jagannatha Temple, Their Lordships getting dressed in nice outfits and adorned with beautiful ornaments and flower garlands. Amidst a roaring kirtan and in big procession, They are seated on three different chariots. They come to Sri Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir and shower […]

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Ratha Yatra in Mayapur


Click for the full Ratha Yatra Gallery One of the major festivals in Sri Mayapur’s busy calendar is surely Jagannath Ratha Yatra – A “Festival of the Heart”. The Lord of the Universe comes out of His temple to give His audience to one and all. The pouring rain didn’t prove to be a threat […]

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Last day of Chandan Yatra

May 14 being the last day of Chandan Yatra, Sri Radha-Madhava is dressed in golden outfit and anointed with chandan all over His body and small Madhava dressed as bumble bee and Srimati Radharani has been offered flower dress. We thank Anusuya Vidya Mandala ( Girls Gurukul) for blessing us with 20 different veshas of […]

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