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Ganga puja celebrations


On 28th May evening, devotees at ISKCON Mayapur celebrated Ganga puja festival. Also known as Ganga Dussehra, the day marks the descent of mother Ganges to earth. Hundreds of devotees gathered at Prabhupada Ghat to worship Mother Ganges and take bath in Her holy waters. The program started off with melodious kirtan. Then to the delight of […]

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Ganga Puja in Mayapur


Please view the following gallery: Ganga Puja Festival Two days ago, here in Mayapur, we had a beautiful festival in honor of Mother Ganga. Hundreds of devotees gathered at our Prabhupada Ghat to worship and take bath in Her holy waters. There was melodious kirtan permeating the atmosphere while they made the arrangements for the program. […]

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Ganga Puja

Ganga can give bhukti, but the devotees are not interested in that, Ganga can give mukti, but the devotees are also not interested in that, Ganga can give Krsna bhakti and here in Navadvipa dham, she is very rich in Gaura bhakti and this is what the devotees want!”, said Bhadracaru prabhu, the main priest […]

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