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Maha Harinaam in Krishnanagar


A Maha Harinam Sankirtan was held in Krishnanagar city on 8th Sep, 2015. This was the second Maha Harinaam held in Krishnanagar. The sankirtan was inaugurated by Rajkumar Malakar, inspector in charge, Kotwali P.S., Krishnanagar. The procession started from Rajbari Maidan at 4:30 PM and it covered city’s important areas like Kshanish Park, Sadar Hospital, […]

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Dhubulia Nagar Sankirtan


11 May Mayapur Local Preaching (MLP) has decided to hold large scale Nagar Sankirtan programs in as many local areas as possible like Krishnanagar, Dharmada, Dhubulia and Nabadwip. Recently, on 28th April, MLP held one huge Nagar sankirtan at Dhubulia. Even Namhatta and School Preaching departments took part in this sankirtan program. The local people […]

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World Holy Name week in Mayapur


This past week many devotees increased their chanting of the holy names. We had a different group of devotees going out for Nagar Sankirtan every day from the 5th to the 12th. The different groups were the Mayapur brahmacharis, Indian council, Mayapur management, International high school, International primary school, the ISCKON security department, Jagannath temple devotees, […]

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Uttar Shib Bari Program


Recently there was a Program at Krishnanagar ‘Uttar Shib Bari’, Bagula road, on 30th July, 2014, for the occasion of the anniversary of that temple. Including 12 foreign devotees, a total of 30 devotees from Mayapur participated in that program. They arrived at 4:30 PM, and started Harinam Sankirtan on street called “Nagar Sankirtan” at […]

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Dhubulia Bhakti Vriksha


Under the banner of Sri Mayapur Local Preaching, there was a huge Bhakti Vriksha Nagar Sankirtan Program on 14-05-2014 at Dhubulia town. Total 30 devotees from Mayapur including 7 foreign devotees participated. At one of our Bhakti Vriksha member Sri Sambhu Putatunda’s house, the local Bhakti Vriksha members received the devotees with throwing flowers on […]

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Road Station Nagar Sankirtan


Apart from weekly Bhakti Vriksha Program Mayapur Local Preaching (MLP) also holding Nagar Sankirtan Programs at a certain interval to those particular locality where the Bhakti Vriksha Centers are located, just to awaken people regarding Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mission for their spiritual benefit. Generally we start Nagar Sankirtan from Bhakti Vriksha center and after one […]

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Nagar Sankirtan at Bhatjanla


There was a Bhakti Vriksha Nagar Sankirtan program at Bhatjala, Krishnagar, organized by Advaita Bhakti Vriksha Gosthi Under Mayapur Local Preaching. Total 16 No. of devotees came from mayapur , including 3 foreign devotees. The Nagar Sankirtan sarts at 5:30 pm for one hour and we came back to stage. There we had Mangalacaran , […]

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Local Preaching Update


Hare Krishna, dear devotees, for your kind information, On the 21st of April, 2014 in the evening we had a huge and enthusiastic Nagar Sankirtan program at Krishnanagar BARODOL  MELA, at Rajbari mela prangan. Altogether there were 20 devotees from Sri Mayapur, including 14 foreign devotees. The Nagar Sankirtan started from Sree Radha Krishna Chandra […]

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