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Mayapur children’s Summer Camp


22 Jun Bhakti Vedanta Youth Trust, Mayapur organized a Summer Camp for Mayapur community’s children on 20th and 21st, June. The camp gave the children an opportunity to come together and engage in spiritual practices like chanting, hearing, Harinaam, aratis and of course, honoring wonderful prasadam feasts. The children were enlightened with spiritual knowledge through […]

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VisitMayapur.com Redesigned


    Mayapur Tourism, ISKCON Mayapur’s travels and tours division has announced the launch of its improved website www.visitmayapur.com. Sri Mayapur is the birth place of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu- the most merciful form of Lord Krsna who distributed Krsna prema to even the most fallen through Harinaam sankirtan. To give this mercy to everyone […]

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Karthik Masa


Karthik Masa or Damodar month is beginning from 29 Oct, 2012. Please read the glories of this month and take time to offer lamp to Krishna in this auspicious month. We will be offering lamps to the lord every evening after 7 pm arti, everyday till 28 Nov 2012, which is the last day of the […]

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