Dham Seva

T he Dhama Seva department provides guides to take care of the guests and devotees who visit this holy place by taking them inside and around Mayapur, engage them in different devotional activities like bathing in Ganga, arranging them darshan of Deities of various temples arround Navadwipa Dhama, offering them opportunities to serve those Deities, etc.

The department was officially opened in the year 2001 although the parikrama services have been going on since 1996. There are 5 devotees serving in this department.

Dhama Sevak Membership

This department offers a membership scheme entitled Dhama Sevak Programthrough which the members directly support and expand the spiritual activities that constitute the very life of the holy dhama — dressing and decorating the Deities, serving prasada to the pilgrims, making Mayapur beautiful, accommodating and festive — a wonderful place to visit, stay in and become joyful in Krishna consciousness.

All you have to do to become a Dham Sevak Member is to donate Rs.21,000 per year. In reciprocation, the pujaris of Mayapur will offer 108 tulasi leaves at the lotus feet of Lord Nrisimhadeva and Raja-bhoga will also be offered in your name or the name of a person you choose on whatever day you tell us. When you visit Mayapur, the department will provide three days of free accommodation and prasada for you and your dependent family in the Gada or Vamsi buildings for which a prior booking is required. (This does not apply during the Gaura-purnima festival period.) While you are in Mayapur, we can provide you with a devotee guide to take you around to the holy spots in and around Mayapur. We will also keep in touch with you through a newsletter.

There are already 80 Dhama Sevak members who are regularly offering donations.

To become a Dham Seva Member today, contact Vrajanatha below.

Head: Vrajanatha Das
E-mail: vrajanath.jps@pamho.net
Phone: +91-3472-245374, +91-9609-465587
Office: Room No 110, Chakra Building