Dining Options

Govinda’s restaurant

Govinda’s restaurant is open from 7:30am. to 9:00pm. It serves international cuisine, as well as Bengali dishes. It also has a fresh fruit juice corner and sweets stall.


Mahaprasad stall

A Mahaprasada stall is located in the temple courtyard. All the bhoga that is offered to the deities (except the Raj-bhoga offering) is available as Mahaprasad.


Prasadam Halls

Prasadam is available for the guests and visitors in the Gada Bhavan and the Sulabh Prasdam Halls.


Drinking water

Filtered drinking water booths are located near all main buildings. Additionally, Padmini Mineral Water supplies 20 liter water bottles on order. It is located in Varnashram Building. Bottled water is available in the shops inside the campus.