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Book Jaladuta Cruise to Mayapur!

Visiting Mayapur for Gaura Purnima Festival 2020?

No more bumpy & risky roads & pollution, enjoy the relaxing cruise, passing through villages & countryside beautiful scenery around, fresh air and a sattvik mood on the whole with kirtan and devotional videos on. It is an unique experience to travel in Ganga, capturing the mood of Mayapur all through your journey!

Jaladuta Cruise offers:

  • Reclining comfortable seats
  • 2 washrooms on board
  • Krsna Conscious entertainment
  • Breakfast prasadam
  • Extra seats in the front gallery for passengers to stretch and move around. Passengers can feel the nice cool fresh breeze of Ganga. Devotees can chant their rounds here in association with Ganga devi who is filled with Krsna Prema by Gauranga Mahaprabhu’s touch.

Book your seat now! Only limited seats available. Each trip 30 seats only!!

For Special offers on group bookings call +91-9733578071.

One way Rs.3000 p/p only with Breakfast.

For inquiries & bookings, write to us at or WhatsApp: 6383832530.


From Howrah station

If you are catching a train at Howrah, a less-crowded train to catch is *Intercity express*, which leaves Howrah at about 3pm (the train does not operate on Sundays.) It reaches Nabadwip Dham by about 5:45pm.

There are trains leaving Howrah and which pass through *Nabadwip Dham*, practically every hour and a half, but they are sometimes quite crowded. It takes about 3 hours to reach Nabadwip Dham from Howrah.

Once you reach *Nabadwip Dham* station, you have to take a rikshaw to *Mayapur Ghat* and then get on a boat to cross over the Ganga to reach *Hular Ghat* at Mayapur. Take a rikshaw to come to ISKCON’s Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir.

From Sealdah station

Sealdah is a train station located within Kolkata. There are trains leaving Sealdah and which pass through Krishnanagar. Usually these trains are crowded. It takes about two hours to reach Krishnanagar from Sealdah.

From Krishnanagar, you can catch a rikshaw to go to the bus terminal (“bus stand”) and catch a bus to ISKCON Mayapur. Or, you can get into a three-wheeler to go to Mayapur Ghat in Swarup Ganj (where Bhaktivinoda Thakura used to live), get on a boat to cross over the Jalangi river to reach *Hular Ghat* at Mayapur. Then take a rikshaw to come to ISKCON Mayapur.

Taxi booking

Gauranga Travels is a ISKCON managed Travels services. For reliable, comfortable and safe journey,  you can book the Car/Bus online by calling us at +91-3472-245728.

Head: HG Brajaraj Kanai das
Phone: +91-3472-245728
Mobile: +91-9593479990
Location: Chaitanya Shopping Complex near Gada Bhavan.



ISKCON Kolkata operates buses thrice a week, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The bus takes passengers from the Kolkata temple straight to Sri Mayapur.

ISKCON Kolkata also has a guest house facility. To book a room at the ISKCON Kolkata guest house call +91-3322-876075 or a seat in the bus call +91-33-32488041 or +91-33-64588777.

Or, you can catch a bus from Kolkata’s bus terminal at *Dharmatala* to Krishnanagar, and then from Krishnanagar, catch a bus to ISKCON Mayapur.