Life Patron Care

Head: Prabir Krishna Das
Phone: +91-3472-245355
Location: Vamsi Bhavan

This department was set up to provide facilities for ISKCON’s life patrons. Initially, the guest houses accommodated all guests and devotees, including life patrons. But as the number of life patrons visiting Mayapur increased, the administration faced a severe challenge of providing the life patrons with the facilities that had been promised to them. The life patrons also had to follow the general public lines for prasadam and deal with the guest house for their accomodation.

To relieve the life patrons from their anxieties, Bhakti Purushottama Maharaja set up a separate office and facility for life patrons in 1997. There are 14 devotees and 18 staff members serving in this department. Now there are rooms allocated for life members in Vamsi Bhavan. Breakfast, lunch and dinner prasadam is available. They are provided guides to take them in and around Mayapur.

Additionally, special programs like Bhagavata-saptaha are conducted in Hindi and Bengali for the spiritual benefit of the life patrons. On the life patrons’ request, Ganga Puja, Vaishnava yajnas on special occasions such as a life patron’s birthday, New Year, marriage anniversary, as well as Vaishnava samskaras for family members are performed. Krishna conscious preaching programs are also conducted in life patrons’ houses.

The department also collects donations from charitable life patrons to develop specific projects in Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir. Some of the life patrons have sponsored rooms in Vamsi building.

These are the goals for this department:

  • To help the life patrons become practicing Vaishnava Sadhakas
  • To encourage charitable life patrons to help develop Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir by donating for various projects in Mayapur
  • To build a separate guest house for life patrons complete with a restaurant, kitchen and prasadam hall
  • To renovate the existing guest house

Life patron reception is open from 5.30am until 9.30pm. Rooms can be booked by telephone, e-mail or at ISKCON Kolkata.