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Purushottam Padmini Ekadashi|29 July 2023

🌹Ekadashi is known as 🌟Madhav tithi, 🙏🏻Lord Sri Krishna is most pleased when anyone observes ✨Ekadashi for His satisfaction.
😍 Padmini Ekadashi occurring in the holiest month of Purushottam.
“The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna said, the meritorious Ekadasii that occurs during the light fortnight of the extra month of leap-year is called Padmini. It is very auspicious. The fortunate soul who observes it with great determination and faith will return to My personal abode. This extra-month Ekadasi is as powerful as I am in nullifying sins. Even four-headed Lord Brahma cannot glorify it sufficiently.”
We wish you a blissful Ekadashi, remember the main goal is to always remember Krishna and try to relish His Lilas.
For Ekadashi Seva: please visit our general donation page.

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